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Myla Smyrnova

Myla Smyrnova‚Ä®
Hi, my name is Myla Smyrnova and I am an Authorized Tourist Guide of Tuscany. Siena and Florence are two cities to which I am very close, to Siena because it is the place where I live and it is also where I finished university studies, Florence instead is the city of my passion. Two historical rivals that definitely join in me! To push me to begin this career was art, because art is everything, painting, sculpture, architecture, buildings, museums, traditional cuisine, etc. It is no coincidence that the Province of Siena has four UNESCO World Heritage sites and Florence reaches new visitor records every year! And it is exactly passion that distinguishes me, I do my job with enthusiasm and desire, I love my lands with their colors and their scents, simply as they are, I am too.
E-mail: smyrnovamyla@hotmail.it
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