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San Miniato truffle

By Myla Smyrnova

San Miniato is a small town in the province of Pisa, located halfway between Pisa and Florence.

Here on 26 October 1954 a noble white truffle (the most precious type of truffle) was found, with a weight of 2520 grams.
This record is still undefeated, it is no coincidence that we should consider San Miniato the Italian and world capital of the truffle.

Every year on the weekends of November the “National White Truffle Market Show” is held, a national fair dedicated to the white truffle.
In those days, the streets and squares of the city are transformed into a “laboratory of taste”, where hundreds of participants present their gastronomic treasures.
The main character of the exhibition is always the white truffle and its culinary variants – olive oil, cheeses, pates, desserts and the countless hot dishes served in local restaurants.

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