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Carnival in Viareggio

The Viareggio Carnival is considered one of the most important carnivals in Italy, Europe and the world. The allegorical wagons, which are the largest and most animated in the world, parade along the Viareggio seaside promenade. The allegorical works, through satire, deal with the great contemporary issues: from national and international politics, to the environment, to the social. Every year in the period between the end of January and the beginning of March and over 600,000 spectators participate.

There will be six Masked parades of the Viareggio Carnival 2020 scheduled from 1 to 25 February. Absolutely new: the night parade on Thursday 20 February, to celebrate “Shrove Thursday”. This is the new calendar for the 147th year of the Viareggio Carnival.

Carnival in Florence

After more than a century, the ancient tradition of Carnival magic comes to life again in Florence with two exceptional events scheduled for February 21 and 22. The first event will be held in Palazzo Vecchio, which will host a very special and exclusive gala dinner for the occasion, the funds of which will help to recover the damage suffered by the city of Venice, seriously affected by the high water last 12 November. The other appointment will be held on Saturday 22 February, and it will be a big masked party, open to all, with a big parade in the center and the meeting in Piazza della Signoria. And there is also a prize competition that will see the most original masks win.

Carnival in Foiano della Chiana

The Carnival of Foiano della Chiana is an event that takes place annually in Foiano della Chiana, in the Province of Arezzo. It is one of the most famous and ancient Italian carnivals, dating back to the first edition in 1539. The four neighborhoods (Azzurri, Bombolo, Nottambuli and Rustici) in which the city population is divided participate in the Carnival of Foiano. During the year, these each work on an allegorical cart, trying to make it better than the others. The winner wins the Carnival Cup.

During the year, the neighborhoods work on the construction of a papier-mâché cart, which allegorically presents a theme freely chosen by the neighborhood. To avoid copying, damage or other improprieties, the four neighborhoods all work in a single building, obviously divided into four sectors.

The 2020 race takes place on the four Sundays preceding Shrove Tuesday and the following one, on 2-9-16-23 February and 1 March 2020, during which each neighborhood parades through the city streets with its own wagon. Each parade takes the name of “masked course”.

Carnival in Follonica

The Follonica Carnival was born in 1910, is an event that takes place in the city of Follonica, in the province of Grosseto. The neighborhoods or districts in which the city population is divided participate in the Carnival of Follonica. During the year, these each work on an allegorical cart, trying to make it better than the others. The winner wins the prize for the best wagon. There are also prizes for the most beautiful queen, for the best parade on the ground and various minor prizes. The queens and the sketches of the allegorical wagons are revealed only a couple of weeks before the start of the Carnival.
The 2020 winter parades will be staged on the four Sundays of February and therefore on days 2, 9, 16 and 23.

Carnival in San Gimignano

Organized under the patronage of the Municipal Administration, by the Carnival Association of San Gimignano, which brings together the two historic districts of the Turrita Carnival, the Arcinobil district of Piazzetta and the Noble district of Maremma, the Carnival will take place within the walls of the village and the allegorical floats, masterfully made, will parade through the narrow streets and the scenic squares in a truly suggestive and unique setting. The start of the parades for all four consecutive Sundays of the month of February are always scheduled at 2.30 pm with free admission. A unique Carnival in a unique setting.


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