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Florence Independent Antiques Fair (April 16)

Antique furniture, porcelain, vintage accessories, books, numismatics, works of art, unique pieces and collectibles: this is Florence Independent Antiques Fair. Every third Sunday and Saturday before, excluding the months of July and August, 110 exhibitors from all over Italy. Thanks to their participation, they have attracted and retained their customers, Florentine and non, over the years, making Florence Independent Antiques Fair one of the most important national antiques fairs on a public area. The event does not take place on the third Sunday 17 April 2022, Easter day, but only on Saturday 16 April.

Toscana Italy fiera antiquariato 2022 Firenze
Lucca Antiques Market (April 17)

The Lucchese Antiquarian Market was born in 1970, when the Lucca antique dealers together with restaurateurs and traders from other sectors gave life to the first edition. It takes place on the third Sunday of the month and the Saturday before each month in via del Battistero, piazza Antelminelli, piazza San Martino, piazza San Giusto, piazza San Giovanni and piazza Bernardini, where 200 exhibitors from all over Italy meet. The antiquarian tradition of Lucca, on the other hand, has much longer-lived origins: it was born in the Middle Ages when noble families used to look for exclusive pieces throughout Europe with which to enrich their homes.

Toscana Italy fiera antiquariato 2022 Lucca
The Collector’s corner of Siena (April 17)

On the third Sunday of each month, in Piazza del Mercato in Siena, an antiques and collectibles market takes place from 9:00 to 17:00. They can be found from antique books to vintage clothing. Dozens of stalls will exhibit various rare and curious objects that will appeal to any enthusiast.
The event is organized by Siena90, which also takes care of those in Grosseto and San Gimignano.

Toscana Italy fiera antiquariato 2022 Siena
The Collector’s Corner of San Gimignano (April 24)

From April to August every fourth Sunday of the month, stalls of all kinds will appear in Piazza delle Erbe: furniture, ceramics, crockery, toys and collectibles. Perfect for spending hours in company in the shadow of the towers of San Gimignano.

Toscana Italy fiera antiquariato 2022 San Gimignano
Arezzo Antiques Fair (April 30)

In one of the most evocative settings of our area, Piazza Grande in Arezzo, one of the most important antiques fairs in Tuscany has continued to take place since 1968. You can immerse yourself in the rows of stalls that will offer a tantalizing alternation of antique and modern markets, one-of-a-kind pieces and series items, antique furnishings and artistic crafts, goldsmiths, tools, books and prints. The event will take place every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday: as regards April 2022, the next date will be the 30th.

Toscana Italy fiera antiquariato 2022 Arezzo

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