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Ferie delle Messi 2019 San Gimignano

Ferie delle Messi 2019

The Middle Ages revived in San Gimignano on 14-15-16 June 2019

The Knights of Santa Fina set up the Ferie delle Messi, a medieval-historical re-enactment, to bring back to San Gimignano facts of medieval life, including the celebration of harvests (the “masses”).

The medieval festival, organized together with the Municipality of San Gimignano, is registered in the regional list of historical re-enactments of the Tuscany Region.

The event originates from the “Ferie Messium”, established with statutory columns entitled “De Ferriis Ponendis” of 1255 (II, 29) and of 1314 (II, 11).

it revolves around invariant elements: the Corteo delle Messi, where colors, objects and characters symbolically express the relationship between land and fertility; the ritual of blessing the horses of the four districts; the Giostra dei Bastoni; the game of tug of war and braid competition, the medieval market.


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