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Palio di Siena of July 2 dedicated to the Madonna di Provenzano

Palio di Siena del 2 Luglio dedicato alla Madonna di Provenzano

History, culture, tradition and many emotions in one day

Siena, as every year, is preparing to celebrate the Palio dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano, which traditionally takes place on July 2, and which sees as protagonists the 7 districts that run by right, which are in addition to the 3 that were drawn by lot on May 26 last.
The historic race will take place as usual in “Piazza del Campo”, admired by the whole world for history, art and form, which for the occasion will be covered with tuff and many people. The fate of the race will be concentrated in 3 laps of the square by the horses of each district, representing every “area” of the historic center of Siena.

The contrada winner of the race will receive the so-called “drappellone”, recognition that is handed over to the hands of the Captain of the “contrada”, in charge of taking it to their districts. But this will not be the only prize, but they will get a lot of respect from the rival districts and the whole of Siena.
The event will be followed by a series of celebrations that will see as the sole protagonist of the winning district.
The event will be followed, as every year by all the people of Siena and by all those who for a day want to make a leap into the past, reliving the true historical tradition that founded its origins in 1644.

Many have tried to explain the Palio in words, but few succeed, because the emotions and feelings that you feel can not be described, explained or observed, but only for those who were born and spent much of his life in the environment of the district can understand what it means to win or lose a prize.
For all these reasons, Siena is admired and praised all over the world, every year attract many people among tourists and the simply curious, as well as all the people of Siena.



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